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Campaigns & Elections

Election results at the state and local levels have a major impact on the quality of Utah's education system.  That's why in 2002 we formed Parents for Choice in Education PAC, a non-partisan Political Action Committee that actively supports pro-innovation candidates for state and local offices.

Use the links below to learn how you can easily get involved in Utah's election process and make a difference for our childrens' future.



As a school choice supporter we need you to attend your precinct caucus meeting this week to become a Delegate! Please consider running for County Delegate. County Delegates choose the candidates for our state legislature. Our legislative representatives potentially have the biggest impact on our public education system - in either a negative or positive way.

Republican Caucus - March 15

Democrat Caucus - March 13

All seats in the Utah House of Representatives and half of the State Senate seats are up for election this year. Education is one of the most critical issues facing our state.  We need to elect courageous candidates who are willing to put our children ahead of the system and enact the innovative policy changes necessary to provide our students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

While multiple states across the nation are enacting bold school choice policies and education reform measures, here in Utah we continue to cling to the status quo - and the status quo is failing our kids! That won't change if we don't elect and support legislators who truly believe that parents should be empowered with school choice options that meet the individual needs of their children.

The teacher's union works hard to monopolize the caucus system, ensuring their powerful stronghold and dominance over our taxpayer-funded, public school system. YOU can make sure this doesn't happen! Get involved in the caucus process and become a Delegate!


Watch the Republican Party Delegate Training Video. 

Although this our delegate training video is from 2008, it will give you insight into what to expect. 

  • As a Delegate you are in a unique position. You have the power to ensure that the best candidates are chosen for elected offices, including your state legislators for the Utah Senate and House of Representatives.
  • Special interest groups, especially the teacher's union try hard to get their membership out to monopolize this part of the political process. By attending your precinct caucus meeting and becoming a Delegate, YOU can make sure this doesn't happen! 
  • Utah's political candidates and party officers are chosen by volunteer Delegates. It's easy to become a Delegate and only requires a few hours of your time over a one-year period. Most importantly, as a Delegate, you'll have a major influence on Utah's political landscape.
  • Voters gather according to political party affiliation in meetings called "Caucuses" to elect their precinct's State and County Delegates. You are assigned to a precinct based on geographic boundaries determined by your address. Each precinct has a set number of Delegates they elect to represent them. You must be a registered voter and member of your party. Members of the precinct in attendance vote for the nominated Delegates.
  • Caucus meetings are all held in even-numbered years in March. The meetings are usually hosted at a local school. Attendance varies anywhere from 10 people to over 100 depending on your neighborhood and the interest in the various political races for that election year (Presidential election years usually have a higher turn out). 
  • Whether or not you decide to run as a Delegate, please attend your precinct caucus meeting and let your voice be heard by selecting like-minded Delegates to represent you.
  • Delegates represent their precinct by choosing the candidates for county and state partisan elected offices at their State and County Nominating Conventions. 
  • County Delegates attend their County Nominating Convention in even-numbered years to choose their party's candidates for elected offices within their county boundaries (State Legislators, County Council, etc). They also meet in odd-numbered years to vote on their county party officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, etc).  
  • State Delegates attend the State Nominating Convention on the same cycle. They vote on their party's candidates for statewide elected positions (Governor, U.S. Senator, Congress and other statewide offices.) as well as their state party officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, etc). A few state legislative races that cross county boundaries are determined by the State Delegates as well.
  • Delegates represent their community members and have a great deal of influence on which candidates represent their party on the ballot for both the primary and general elections.


Volunteer on a Campaign

Candidates for elected positions are eager to find volunteers to help them on their campaign.  Whether you have 30 minutes to give or several hours each week, contact the candidate who you would like to volunteer for and let them know about your availability.  Often, candidates just need someone who's wiling to drop off flyers door-to-door in their neighborhood.


Run for Office

To have a major impact on education policy, run for office especially in the State Legislature, State School Board, and District School Boards, where K-12 policies are created. If you are interested in running for office, please contact us at (801) 355-4723.


Other Ways to Participate 

To learn about other ways you can get involved in the political process outside of campaigns and elections, click here.


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